Transbay Streetscape & Oscar Park

The Transbay Terminal District will be a multi-modal hub that demonstrates how transit-oriented development at the urban scale can sustainably coexist with a vibrant and livable community. In order to ensure a rich, urban place, open spaces should be designed and constructed to complement the diversity of people, land uses, and transportation that the neighborhood will provide. CMG and its team of subconsultants are providing full design services for the Transbay Streetscape and Open Space plan, including designs for sidewalks, lighting, furnishings, paving, and criteria to use in a request for proposals from artists. CMG is also providing concept design for Oscar Park.

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client: San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Successor Agency
location: San Francisco, CA
size: 144,000 sf
engineer: Arup
completed: ongoing
Existing Site
Existing Site
Birdseye Key
1 | Howard Terrace
Howard Terrace: July 2012 perspective, ramps on
Howard Green: Update Perspective
Howard Terrace: Perspective
Transbay Open Space
2 | Beer Garden
Beer Garden: Perspective
Beer Garden: Perspective
Transbay Terminal Open Space
3 | Play Area
Play Area: Birdseye
Play Area: Section Key
4 | Clementina Wild
Clementina Wild: Perspective
Transbay Open Space
5 | Clementina Green
Clementina Green: Birdseye Key
Clementina Green: Perspective
Clementina Green: Perspective
Clementina Green: Section
Clementina Green: Section
Clementina Green: Section Key
Clementina Green: Section
Transbay Open Space
6 | Folsom Beach
Folsom Beach: Perspective
Essex Street: Birdseye Key
Essex Street: Perspective
Essex Street: Section Key
Essex Street: Section
Transbay Open Space
7 | Dog Zone
Essex Streetscape & Dog Zone: Perspective