Movable garden containers engage street life in San Francisco as part of the Yerba Buena Street Life Plan.

Better Market Street

An effort to improve the Market Street public realm as a more pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-oriented street.

Transbay Streetscape & Oscar Park

Designed to complement the diversity of people, land uses, and modes of transit that the Transbay Terminal will provide.

Mint Plaza

A downtown back alley is transformed into a vibrant public pedestrian plaza and festival space.

University Circle Plaza

The design for University Circle Plaza improves an underused sidewalk plaza at Case Western University.

Rincon Park Plaza

This magnificent site on San Francisco’s waterfront is home to two new restaurants in the recently completed Rincon Park.

Japantown Memorial Landmark

A spatial marker celebrates the vibrancy and perseverance of a unique community.

Brainwash Plaza

The centerpiece of this sidewalk plaza is a "community table," serving cafe patrons and the neighborhood community alike.

Cleveland Flats

In Cleveland’s historic Flats neighborhood, CMG has emphasized ecological design to re-frame the area's rich but complex conditions.

Pacific Overlook

A part of the LA City Harbor Walk waterfront improvements overlooking Sunken City in San Pedro, CA.

Panhandle Bandshell

A full-scale performance stage constructed almost entirely out of reclaimed and repurposed materials.

Pier 40

A continuous surface becomes an event landscape that challenges the notions of park and building at New York City's Pier 40.