CMG Monthly :: August


Market Commons, selling for $990mil!

“That means it would be among the highest prices paid for an office complex in S.F.'s history.” 

BISNOW :: Twitter HQ Under Contract

Sure is a beauty; we're proud of the new plaza space.




3 Mules

Thanks to CMGer Rayna Deniord for sharing this profoundly poetic saga of a contemporary nomads. Mule and his pack are making a pilgrimage as a cautionary to contemporary culture. Check out their route + citations in Menu.


Last seen in Woodside, CA (peninsula), and it looks like the pack passed thru our fair city last week. They proceed south, and where to is anyone’s guess. So, if you have Monterey, Big Sur, or LA plans this Labor Day, keep your eyes peeled for these dusty heroes.

“This interstate system shall be developed for pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians with freedom to stop and rest outdoors for the night.”



John King Critiques Berkeley's Latest Architectural Trials

“The problem isn’t the scale of what’s proposed, or the architectural mishmash in the mix. It’s the way that a confusing process encourages checklists over creativity, while opponents would rather fight to stop nearly all change, rather than find ways to make that change enrich downtown’s sense of place.” – John King


BAM:PFA. Photo- Paul Chinn, The Chronicle



CA gets drought relief, Boston gets hammered (again)

CITYLAB :: A Very Early Yet  Highly Accurate Guide To This Coming Winter

Image MISHELLA / Shutterstock






CITYLAB :: How to build a city on the moon


Image AP Photo/Julio Cortez



THE REGISTRY SF :: Bay Area Data Centers Move Quickly On Expansion Plans

How do these new, quick-to-erect, floating data centers integrate with SLR, intertidal wetlands, shoreline shadowing . . . we're curious where BCDC falls on this issue.



“For some firms concerned about Bay Area land costs for data center construction, a new option has recently emerged: floating data centers.”

“Magcale said that Nautilus’ patented cooling technology is 5x more efficient than conventional land-based data centers and is up to 70% cheaper to build. It also reduces annual energy costs by 35%, he said. According to the firm’s Web site, waterborne data centers can be configured and operated with up to 800 server racks and can be deployed in less than six months anywhere in the world.”



BISNOW :: 5 Ways Technology Is Going To Change A City's Infrastructure

Clearly, more research is needed and only time will tell, but the predictive future of infrastructure is still a fun musing. Surprised the driverless car didn’t make the list.


1. LinkNYC




Colossal :: Ella Pitr Nuart Mural



Jealous Curator


Penda: Soundwave Plaza


Dezeen :: The Sequence By Arne Quinze


Berlin’s Bike Storage

Bike Storage Building, Berlin: Bike Storage Building, Berlin


CITYLAB :: This Mexican Neighborhood Lives Inside a Huge Mural


Cousin to Kristin Jones' work on Rome’s Tiber


COLOSSAL :: Record-Breaking Quinquennial Sail Amsterdam 2015

(Time-lapse :: boats flood in around 1:20, pun unavoidable)



Happiness Is.

(If you can effectively ignore GoPro promotional)





Austin Charrettes

Welcome back to the mighty Austin team! Congrats on heroically surviving marathon public charrettes (inside for 12-hr days, they at least averted the 100-degree weather).





Treasure Island Arts Master Plan Visioning

Much of the public art in this edition’s Monthly is courtesy of TI’s Arts MP Visioning workshop, led by the San Francisco Arts Commission. CMG's Pamela Conrad pulled another miracle out of her back pocket this week to lead a successful first-round group brainstorm for making TI a world-class arts destination.  More public art wonders on our new Pinterest page.






Hunters Point Arts Installations

As TI begins to contemplate art, Hunters Point gets it in the ground! Feast your eyes on one of the Bay’s best kept secrets . . .




UC Berkeley Student Commons

Thanks, CMGer Liz Richmond, for sharing this spellbinding two-year time-lapse of our UC Berkeley Lower Sproul Project! (Building starts getting eaten at 00:50)

Earthcam :: UC Berkeley Lower Sproul timelapse video