CMG Monthly :: October



New Orleans Gets Radical

“This week, the National Organization of Minority Architects is holding its annual conference in New Orleans . . . exploring how design and place-based interventions can drive social change..”

Next City :: Urban Design Activism Socially Engaged Art Design As Protest


DIY Urban Wayfinding

Can we discover anew in the familiar? Insider tips made public, in hopes to catalyze pedestrian discovery

Next City :: Civic Instigator




GOOD, BAD + the FUTURE at the Crosswalk

“African Americans may have to wait in a crosswalk about 32% longer than white people before drivers stop.”

"’That's what makes contemporary forms of bias so pernicious—we may not be aware that we have these biases,’ says Kimberly Kahn.”

Futurity :: Racial Bias at the Crosswalk



Improv Everywhere :: Ballroom Crosswalk



Coming To The Bay Area Near You . . .

“CCTA’s long-term goal is … autonomous vehicle service will serve as the first mile/last mile connection…”

Next City :: San Francisco Driverless Bus Text Pilot




Glacial Melt In Our Own Backyard 

This is no polar bear, far-flung tale, this is climate change at a stone’s throw (albeit a harrowing 30+ mile stone’s throw through treacherous terrain).

“The glacier has lost about 90 percent of its volume and 80 percent of its surface area from 1883 to 2015.

“‘I’m getting the feeling I may be the last geologist to study these glaciers,’ Stock [a naturalist + geologist] said. ‘Pretty soon, there won’t be any ice here at all, just a rubble-strewn basin. I’m starting to think like a biologist, somebody who is studying an endangered species, something that can disappear.’

“‘In just a week, you can see the difference,’ he said.”

SF Chronicle :: Glacier was once Yosemite's largest; now it's almost gone



Green Infrastructure Solves Our Carbon Budget

“As a planet, we can only risk emitting 1000 gigatons (Gt) of C02 into the atmosphere this century.”

“That means cities have a crucial choice: build green infrastructure instead of traditional, and avoid locking in 45 Gt C02 by 2030, eight times the US’s current annual emissions.

“Green infrastructure is also more economical in the long term. According to the C40 report, building low carbon infrastructure in the next five years will be four times less expensive for cities than building high carbon infrastructure that will need to be replaced in the future.”

Next City :: Can Cities Stop Runaway Climate Change

Image from Grosvenor Resilient Cities Research




Mashable :: Sea Level Rise Submerge US Cities





Love Letters Wrap Post Office

This Is Colossal :: Love Letters Building Ha Schult







Golden Gate Bridge Book

McSweeney's :: This Bridge Will Not be Gray, by Dave Eggers Illustrated by Tucker Nichols 



Oehme van Sweden Exhibition in DC

Wishing to switch coasts for an afternoon to pour over these luscious plant palettes at the National Museum’s newest exhibition . . . ah, the frustrating constraints of geography. Happily, we have our very own Northern CA treasure at Cornerstone

Huffington Post :: The New American Garden

The Cultural Landscape Foundation :: The New American Garden



VnA Museum for London Design Festival

Core 77 :: Highlights From The VnA Museum for London Design Festival




CMG HAPPENINGS                                                            

Public Art to Hunters Point  

Early sneak-peek to Hunters Point Parks! Public art stroll on our newly laid paths, overlook, seating and more. This weekend (Oct. 17-18)

SF Gate :: Sculpture Suitable For Framing At Hunters Point



We Launched Our New Website

Welcome to the new site! We are proud to have completed a comprehensive process in which we have improved they we communicate our identity and ideas, elevated the quality of our imagery, set new graphic standards, started a blog, and joined modern technology on WordPress. We are a firm that is proud to express our many voices, and we’re excited to use this new website as a tool to do so.

Three cheers and a huge thank you to Futurepruf, dstl, and Boon design.