CMG Studio Video Wins SMPS Award of Excellence – External Video!

Why does landscape architecture matter? How does landscape architecture benefit the communities and the world we live in? In 2019, CMG Landscape Architecture wanted to challenge ourselves to answer these questions in a new visual way – through the medium of video.

To us at CMG, landscape architecture is centered around creating beautiful and purposeful places and a providing a social and democratic amenity for the people that use those places. It is about re-connecting humankind to the nature around us. We hope our artful design and practice inspires and provokes communities and future landscape architects to design better places for people and nature.

A more effective way to tell people about why landscape architecture is important is to show people. Video is an underutilized storytelling medium in the AEC industry. It is visual and evocative like the landscapes we design. Landscape architecture transforms bleak and underutilized spaces into comfortable and welcoming places that invites people and nature together. We seized this opportunity to share the story of our designs, our firm, and our profession – to engage not only other designers and planners, but the people we design these places for.

We are so proud that our CMG Studio Video has been recognized with the Award of Excellence in the External Video Category from the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)!

The SMPS is dedicated to creating business opportunities in the A/E/C industries and the Marketing and Communications Awards is the only awards program that highlights the critical role and immense value marketing professionals bring to the design and building industries. Learn more about SMPS at