Jamie Phillips Attends Futurescaping at UBC Okanagan

Principal, Jamie Phillips, was invited to attend Futurescaping: A Practitioner’s Retreat on July 18th at University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO), a gathering of future-interested professionals to engage in out-of-the-box thinking about the future of a place and its broader socio-cultural, economic and ecological context. With the intent of exploring the “Next Generation” Future at UBCO, here are some of the questions that will be discussed:

  • What broad trends and forces are “in play” (eg: biophysical, socio-economic, political, cultural, socio-technical, institutional) and likely to shape Future UBCO? (i.e. prediction, foresight)
  • What is the full potential UBCO campus by 2040? 2050?
  • What might a future UBCO do?
  • What might it look like?
  • What strategies might be the most effective?

This is an invite-only discussion, Jamie Phillips being the sole landscape architect, on the potential future growth and evolution of the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus as a leader for world change. The campus is interested in pushing creativity, place-creation, research excellence, and sustainable initiatives!