Pamela Conrad Attends Van Alen Climate Council Trip in Seattle

Principal, Pamela Conrad joins Van Alen Climate Council Institute for the second time this year on July 17-19 in Seattle, to examine the impact fisheries have on food systems and climate change. Some of the highlights of the trip will include:

  • Hearing from lead scientists, academics, and industry experts, about the physical, biological, human dimensions of climate change and fisheries.
  • Exploring the history, legislation, and infrastructure surrounding Seattle’s commercial fishing industry, its interaction with tribal and small-scale fisheries, and the impacts of climate change on both.
  • Following Seattle’s sustainable seafood movement and learning about the strategies for promoting conservation, human health, and efficiency within the ocean to table supply chain.

Van Alen Climate Council have also partnered with University of Washington and commercial fisherman/sustainable seafood expert, Amy Grondin, who have helped to pull in preeminent experts across the fields of fisheries, food systems, and climate change, and will ensure that the participants are asking the right questions throughout the trip.

Tackling the ambitious exploration of food systems from their last trip to California’s Central Valley to their intensive three-day exploration in Seattle, Van Alen Climate Council recognizes risks posed by changing ocean conditions affect the health and livelihoods of billions of people who depend on the fish industry. Mounting urgency to address these challenges calls for out-of-the-box, future-oriented approaches to support sustainable fisheries by design.