Pamela Conrad Speaks at Harvard GSD – Climate Positive Design

Imagine a world where every person asks themselves not only “how can I offset my carbon impacts?” but, more importantly, “how can I help solve climate change?”  In a moment in time where close to half of global greenhouse emissions are generated by the built environment, what are we doing as designers to curb this issue? As landscape architects, we hold an important responsibility as the only design professionals whose most fundamental medium includes carbon sinks in our everyday toolkit.  We have a unique opportunity to provide climate positive solutions through our work.

To date the global profession of 75,000 professionals has not been able to consistently measure, track and improve our contributions – but today, that changes.

Come hear Pamela Conrad, Senior Associate at CMG Landscape Architecture in San Francisco and a 2018-2019 LAF Fellow for Innovation and Leadership share her work on developing the Landscape Carbon Calculator. With a background in Plant Science and Regenerative Studies, Pamela approaches her climate and resilience planning projects from a deep ecological perspective. Her continued work on groundbreaking Bay Area resiliency projects including Treasure Island and the San Francisco Seawall Project demonstrate Pamela’s leadership in managing complex project relationships and extensive community engagement efforts. Those projects frame the context of her and CMG’s climate initiatives which she has been sharing around the globe to expand the role of landscape architecture in climate change solutions.



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