Civic Center makeover: Here’s the plan to revamp the heart of SF

SF Chronicle, John King, June 29, 2018.
““There are a thousand tentacles of interest that we have to address,” said Willett Moss of CMG Landscape Architecture. “It’s a crazy, crazy project, but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the city.” Under the direction of the city’s Planning Department, Moss’ firm is leading the design effort to remake and unite the three large blocks that include Civic Center Plaza, U.N. Plaza and the 300-foot-wide block of Fulton Street bracketed by the Main Library on the south and the Asian Art Museum on the north. Streets nearby might be narrowed so that they’re friendlier to pedestrians and bicyclists. The idea is to make the three-block stretch into a compelling sequence of varied spaces — civic in scale, able to absorb protests and parades with ease, but cozy enough so that nearby residents and workers might want to stop by on a daily basis. The team led by CMG began work last summer, and this spring it unveiled three alternative design concepts.”