Alameda Point | DePave Park Vision Plan

Alameda, CA

A place where people can experience the natural world in transition.

The vision for DePave Park transforms the concrete-paved naval tarmac into a thriving ecological park that adapts to future sea level rise by accepting the rising tides to create restored wetlands. Through re-purposing materials, minimizing additional carbon emissions, and maximizing carbon sequestration, DePave Park is a new model for Climate Postive resilient landscapes. The Park’s new design will offset its carbon footprint in 4 years and mitigate the carbon footprint of its original construction in less than 25 years, as opposed to the additional 220 years the current site would require to offset its carbon impact. By restoring nature and engaging the Bay, DePave Park will be an ecologically productive landscape for native wildlife and a recreational and educational resource for the community.