Bay Meadows | Delaware Social Street

San Mateo, CA

A long-term interim concept that uses a collection of activity and park spaces rather than businesses to create the neighborhood’s main street of social activity.

Delaware Street is Bay Meadow’s main street that one day will be lined with shops, restaurants, and businesses. That future is waiting for new street connections below the elevated Caltrain track, and could be as far as 10-20 years away.

In the meantime, the Delaware Social Street uses open space opportunities to foster social gathering and community activity through food, dining, and recreation.

In a way quite similar to bustling commercial streets, locals might find themselves drawn to Delaware Street many times in a given week for a variety of destinations and reasons, sometimes even just to walk and enjoy the social context. Anchored by the Town Square on one end, the length of the street is programmed at its edges by a beer garden, event lawn, swing garden, ice cream stand, fitness lot, ping-pong park grove, bocce courts, tetherball park, volleyball, and barbecue court. Trees add dappled shade, pedestrian scale, ornament, and color to the sidewalk experience.

The Social Street is another concept driven by CMG’s agenda to create democratic public spaces at Bay Meadows, ones that facilitate the socialization and public life of the parks and open spaces.