Mission Creek Park P3

San Francisco, CA

As the public waterfront of the Block 1 residential and hotel development, Park P3 is an unmatched site on the water. With views to the San Francisco Bay, Oracle Park, and Twin Peaks, P3 serves as the entrance to the Mission Bay South neighborhood.

The primary identity for Park P3 is a lively urban plaza, and waterfront esplanade. Passive programming such as strolling, outdoor dining, socializing, and enjoying the waterfront views compliment the more active programs already provided by the necklace of parks surrounding Mission Creek. Its character is urban, flexible, and pedestrian-oriented, reinforcing the design vision of the Mission Bay Design for Development.

A key driver in the park’s design is the site’s stormwater treatment requirements. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission requires Park P3 to treat offsite stormwater runoff from adjacent parks and streets.  The design intent is to ensure that these treatment areas are both functional and beautiful; their geometries create gathering spaces and buffer more intimate spaces along the Block 1 parcel from the more open and public spaces along Mission Creek.