Mission Rock

San Francisco, CA

A vital link in San Francisco’s waterfront open space and a dynamic addition to the Mission Bay neighborhood.

Working alongside the San Francisco Giants and the Port of San Francisco, CMG has developed a public realm design concept for this 27-acre mixed use waterfront redevelopment project in San Francisco’s Mission Bay. The proposal, across McCovey Cove from Oracle Park, was approved by a public ballot measure in November 2015.

A network of distinct open spaces and lively, pedestrian-oriented streets drive our design and the future neighborhood identity.

A vibrant, active waterfront park is a key feature of the public realm, a dynamic place that will establish a paradigm for resilient 21st-century waterfront parks, and an amenity for the regional San Francisco Bay Area community.

Within the park, a waterfront promenade links a range of activities. Park program activates and retail draws visitors through the park and to the water’s edge. Carefully considered adjacencies of active and passive program areas support the choreography of activity through the park. Connections to new pedestrian and retail-oriented streets, the San Francisco Bay Trail network, and other signature open spaces at Mission Rock keep the park populated and lively. This park is coupled with the rehabilitated historic Pier 48 and Oracle Park to create a synergistic public open space that integrates industrial, maritime, and recreational uses.
Other key public realm features of Mission Rock include a neighborhood square; an active retail-focused shared street that connects the waterfront to the heart of the district; an active wharf to accommodate maritime use and public access to the bay; and a unique waterfront street that encompasses the active piers and provides pedestrian and bicycle waterfront access for the Blue Greenway.

Special attention to a diversity of experiences enrich the city at multiple scales to cultivate thriving street life for this new neighborhood. The integrated public realm experiences and active ground-floor building design create a new, inviting, and memorable urban district.