Civic Center Mobile Outreach Station

San Francisco, CA

Our design and engagement approach to Civic Center’s public spaces supports community participation by encouraging discourse, interaction, and the sharing of ideas among Civic Center’s constituents.

San Francisco Planning’s Groundplay Program, CMG Landscape Architecture, and Sheet Metal Alchemist developed a Mobile Outreach Station which is being deployed in the Civic Center.

Mobile Outreach Goals:

– Encourage civic engagement.

– Present Civic Center in a new way.

– Embody the Public Realm Plan’s goals and objectives.


The Station is a playful interpretation of City Hall, Market Street, and the three public spaces, designed for on-site engagement. It consists of two large rolling display/chalk boards, a large-scale aerial map of the Civic Center public realm, and a City Hall suggestion box. People can walk on the map to place stickers of various public space amenities in locations where they’d like to see those amenities in the future.