Taube-Koret Campus for Jewish Life

Palo Alto, CA

Within the eight-acre campus, CMG designed a variety of cultural open spaces to support the LEED-Silver Community Center and Senior Residences.

At the ground floor, the landscape weaves the campus into the street fabric of Palo Alto. On the first floor level, four acres of landscape improvements establish a campus identity and support a variety of outdoor, social, and cultural uses.

Exterior spaces include two plazas, gardens, a pedestrian street, Town Square and Cultural Court, The Midrachov, a play environment, and a soccer field, all over an eight-acre parking structure. At the street grade, a bio-swale treats runoff from campus roofs and paving, and a multi-use trail connects Palo Alto to the San Francisco Bay waterfront.

The Town Square has immense date palm pots and a monumental bench associated with an amphitheater, and a south-facing beach softened with lawn and grape vines. The Midrachov is punctuated by hybrid planter-bench sculptures that support olive trees, all under an implied roof of suspended lanterns. Elements of the Cultural Court included weathered corten posts, fig trees that connect the podium to the garage level, and a canopy of Tivoli lights. Each of these features is strategically placed to support program, sub-divide and structure spaces, enliven the campus, and provide memorable experiences.