Transbay Terminal Folsom Streetscape

San Francisco, CA

This future main street of the Transbay district links the neighborhood to the waterfront and is marked by a high level of attention and investment in its character and design.

Folsom Street runs from Second to Spear streets at the heart of the the Transbay Terminal District, bordered by residential towers with commercial ground floors and integrated with multiple transit modes and ecological systems. The elegant streetscape is based on a 2006 plan, which was evolved with extensive city coordination and design. It is a two-way street with cycletracks, bulbouts at intersections, and on the north side, a 25-foot-wide sidewalk with rain gardens and a double row of trees.

The cycletrack is part of citywide cycletrack improvements. We worked closely with many city agencies, especially Department of Public Works, to design its integration. It is a five-foot-wide bike lane, not grade-separated but protected with a five-foot-wide buffer, with cars parked parallel to create a barrier between bikes and the traffic lanes.

All intersections are carefully designed, including bike signals and bulbouts to safely protect the various transportation modes. The rain gardens are a key feature of the street’s stormwater management system and they elevate the comfort and aesthetic of the streetscape environment. Custom cast-in-place concrete walls and benches frame the plantings and provide a place to pause.

Folsom Street also borders CMG’s future Under Ramp Park. Where the two meet at the park, there will be a plaza with a park pavilion including a cafe, ice cream shops, wine bar, and other neighborhood-serving amenities.