Treasure Island | Parks and Open Space

San Francisco, CA

With construction beginning in 2016, the first phase of this 180-acre development area will include dramatic waterfront parks, plazas, and streetscapes.

It is with pride and excitement that we look forward to the completion of the first phase of this fascinating project, in which we have been a partner since 2002. Throughout the master planning and design phases, a few core values have guided the design: environmental sustainability, parks as a regional destination, and creating an authentic community. These values are evident in the design being implemented as Phase 1.

As the Master Landscape Architect, CMG is coordinating all Phase I landscape/streetscape design and leading other landscape architects to integrate their work from an urban design and infrastructure standpoint, and ferrying the project through approval processes with BCDC, the City Arts Commission, and many other city agencies. CMG is developing designs for the Waterfront Cityside park, Urban Farm, plazas and open spaces around historic hangar Buildings 1 and 2, and the Eastside Commons Park. In addition, we are developing the streetscape master plan for the whole island, building on the work done for the Design for Development.

The Waterfront Cityside Park is a 300-foot wide linear park that features a promenade at the water’s edge, and a sequence of different park rooms and landscape typologies such as event lawns, plazas, native habitats, landforms, and overlooks to create a varied and interesting experience over its 3/4 mile length.

The entire Treasure Island project will take advantage of the island’s incredible setting to become one of the Bay Area’s significant open spaces.