UC Berkeley East Asian Library

Berkeley, CA

At the new library, the landscape design extends the architecture outside and integrates campus pedestrian networks through the site.

Berkeley’s East Asian studies program educates students to be at the forefront of business, politics, culture, and scholarship. At the heart of the department’s resources is the East Asian Library, which offers the largest and most comprehensive collection of East Asian documents in the western United States. 

CMG collaborated with UC Berkeley and Todd Williams Billie Tsien & Associates to design the new East Asian Library facility and associated campus open space, including the primary campus access from North Gate to Memorial Glade. The library is situated within a campus district that requires specific architectural treatments; the building design is simple and elegant. 

For the site design, the building’s large footprint required difficult grading conditions on a hillside site. Our solution takes advantage of the necessary grading and retaining walls to create beautiful and compelling spaces specifically associated with the library, while reinforcing cross campus circulation. Grading, materials use, and planting design are based on sustainable design principals.