UC San Francisco 4th Street Plaza

San Francisco, CA

A playfully inspired keystone to UCSF's extended network of public spaces, enlivening the campus, neighborhood, and greater eastern waterfront.

The competition-winning design for 4th Street Plaza merges a city street with a public plaza and park to transform a block of 4th Street in San Francisco’s Mission Bay into a public amenity and neighborhood open space destination. The plan reconciles complex circulation and multiple programs to present an open space that is welcoming, legible, and civic minded.

The plan is a composition of distinctive zones—the Promenade, the Front Porch, the Amphitheater, Central Plaza and Bench-walk.  All features add up to a specific and unique identity for the open space; a sum greater than its parts. 4th Street Plaza serves adjacent hospital workers, visitors, the UCSF faculty, staff and students, and surrounding communities of the eastern waterfront.