City Slickers West Oakland Farm Park

Oakland, CA

A partnership with City Slicker Farms to gain grant funding for a community park/farm hybrid.

CMG began work on the project by helping City Slicker Farms facilitate a community design process to prepare a conceptual plan for an urban farm/park on an underutilized lot in West Oakland. CMG led neighborhood meetings and synthesized community feedback to create a grant-winning proposal. The team engaged local groups including neighbors, seniors, elementary and high school students to talk about the importance of healthy food and parks, and received tremendous support for the project.

The work led to a parks grant from the State of California, which allowed City Slicker Farms to purchase the land and is funding the construction of the park. With continuing participation from the local community, CMG has refined the design and is advancing towards implementation. When built, the farm/park hybrid will serve as an public space amenity and provide healthy food for this underserved community.