Treasure Island | Yerba Buena Island Habitat Management Plan

San Francisco, CA

Situated only a few miles from the major metropolitan areas of San Francisco and Oakland, Yerba Buena Island is a remarkable ecological resource.

Yerba Buena Island is a natural island. Treasure Island was created from a shoal off Yerba Buena Island first for the future San Francisco airport, then the 1939 World Exhibition, and then a naval base during WWII; Yerba Buena Island (YBI) was partially developed for parallel uses.

Yerba Buena’s richness lies within the breadth of environmental conditions, topography, and species found on and around the 150-acre island. Unfortunately, the current condition of the landscape is compromised from an ecological perspective, and the Habitat Management Plan (HMP) was created to increase its value.

CMG’s research into the existing conditions at YBI addressed the physical setting, vegetation communities, and wildlife. With biologists, we turned the YBI HMP into a document that the community could understand, developing long-range goals for the restoration and preservation of this ecological gem. Given that non-native and invasive species are an increasing threat to the remnant native habitat, most of the open space is proposed to be managed as passive and natural habitat.

The YBI HMP was prepared as a part of the Treasure Island Redevelopment Plan.