Austin Bamford


Austin’s understanding of landscape is rooted in an enduringly interdisciplinary and human ecological worldview. This understanding stems from an education in fine art, design, economics and landscape construction. He works as an alchemist—revealing, testing and forging connections between landscape phenomena and human experience. Austin brings to practice a drive to craft the shared exploration of poignant and democratic places through theory, research and design.

2018 RISD Landscape Leadership Award

2017 RISD University Olmsted Scholar

2017 and 2018 RISD Graduate Student Project Grant Recipient

Center for Applied Human Ecology Award, College of the Atlantic

Eleanor Scott Mallinckrodt Prize for Excellence in Landscape Architecture, College of the Atlantic

  • Master of Landscape Architecture; Rhode Island School of Design
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology; College of the Atlantic
  • Career Discovery; Harvard University Graduate School of Design