Julia Price


Julia is a landscape designer of urban conditions, bringing different types of people, experiences, and uses into contact. She has a particular skill for the development of details, which she sees as an opportunity to extend a project’s conceptual framework. In her designs, Julia seeks ways to provide a sense of comfort, simultaneous with one of change, where the visitor feels agency to make the space their own. With an academic background in biology, Julia supplements her work with research in cultural landscapes and climate change. She is an active volunteer, cultivating local resiliency and ecological stewardship through community-based design of post-industrial sites and their edges.

National ASLA Student Honor Award, Collaboration Category

“Transformative Shift”, Delta Competition Runner–Up

Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture Award

  • Master of Landscape Architecture;  University of Virginia
  • Architectural Drawing Program, Vicenza, Italy;  University of Virginia Study Abroad Program
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology;  University of California, Santa Cruz