Rayna deNiord


Rayna is interested in making places that seize you on first encounter, drawing you back again and again to experience their rich expression. In cultivating curiosity through a concurrence with nature in the built environment, she hopes to build a wider vocabulary – elevating conversation about the importance and beauty of life existing around us. Being within nature allows for learning through osmosis – it can relax the mind, expand perception, and stimulate imagination. She believes that if people are brought closer to the natural world within their everyday routines, that there will be more respect and joy for it. It’s vital to motivate humanity to participate in this stewardship. Rayna hopes to make places that people want to be in. Deliberately integrating diversity into the design of projects, she celebrates form and materiality by inviting interaction – hoping places wear over time, show use, and get better with age.
  • Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture;  Cornell University