The Crissy Field Next Open House was a Success!


Photography by Frank Morse & Francis Ng


Hosted by the National Park Service and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the Crissy Field Next Open House was an exciting and successful public engagement event, as well as a model of a new way of including each member of our community to be an active participant in the reimagining of an important park site. CMG has been leading a design visioning process which engages Crissy Field’s diverse stakeholders and interest groups since 2013. This past Saturday was a continuation of that effort, where guests were able to review preliminary design concepts based on public input, share feedback and learn more about the revitalization efforts taking place for the future of Crissy Field.

The event was well received by the community members and guests. From the moment people arrived, they were greeted by friendly and engaging staff members. Attendees included San Francisco urbanites from all walks of life, providing a wide variety of diverse backgrounds, rich feedback and insights. The CMG team was on site to field questions about the quality of design options moving forward for the park.

We are encouraged Crissy Field Next will be leading a new pathway for public engagement, creating revitalized parklands that are the true democratic places.

To learn more about Crissy Field Next, click here!