Willett Moss Departs SF Heritage Board of Directors

CMG Partner, Willett Moss celebrates 9 years as an acting board member at San Francisco Heritage (2009-2018). Members of the Heritage, a non-profit group, promise to lead civic discussions about the rapid change of the Bay Area, in an effort to protect our historic and cultural resources; a mission that is as relevant today as it was since the inception of the organization in 1971.

Willett held a position on the Board of Directors as well as, participated on the Projects and Policy Committee, reviewing proposed San Francisco based projects while paying special attention to the existing cultural and local landscape. While on the board, Willett participated in numerous initiatives, including the rebranding of SF Heritage and the development of a joint Heritage-SPUR exhibition, “Adapt/Transform/Reuse” which highlighted 19 projects in San Francisco as models of historic resource preservation.

Pictured above: Mint Plaza