Urbanism : Site Planning : Design

CMG is a landscape architecture firm providing collaborative planning, design, and management services to a wide range of public, institutional, and private clients. We maintain that landscape architecture is essentially an 'open field' operating at the nexus of planning, architecture, art, and ecological design. At the heart of each of these disciplines is the idea of building community — and that idea is the central focus of our practice. Ultimately, everything we do is predicated on connecting people with each other and with their environments. It is our ambition and our passion to design and build vital and sustainable communities and enduring places.

We practice a model of urbanism, site planning and design that is based upon the accordance of data from diverse disciplines to create hybridized urban systems and conditions. This approach and consilience promotes interdisciplinary collaboration that engages a broad spectrum of experts from scientists and artists to politicians, farmers, activists, and developers to integrate urban systems. The result is complex and interesting design strategies that reflect an ecological philosophy of interconnection.

Culture : Practice : Projects

From the smallest crack in the sidewalk to regional hydrological systems, our work involves the broadest range of scales. Many projects come to us through a client or collaborator; many others are self-initiated to ask a question or address a problem where there is a need. We work in a range of formats to reach different audiences and provoke conversation, including fee for service work, pro bono work, competitions, installations and gallery exhibitions, lecturing, teaching, community service, and activism.

We have committed ourselves to the larger project of improving public life in our cities and deepening our relationship with the natural world. Our criteria for selecting an individual project is that it hold the potential to contribute to this larger vision. We search for opportunities to test our ideas and broaden our knowledge base while refining our craft. In addition, we look for opportunities to have fun.

We model the practice on an academic studio design process that emphasizes research and experimentation. Our diverse portfolio of work and active community outreach exemplifies our concern for the public trust and our enduring commitment to our clients' goals.

Certification :

CMG is a certified Local Business Enterprise (LBE) with the City and County of San Francisco through the Human Rights Commission (HRC).  The State of California and County of San Francisco has recognized CMG as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE).  CMG is also certified as Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Local Business Enterprise (LBE) with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.  CMG employees are LEED accredited.