Gateway of Pacific

South San Francisco, CA

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Image Credit: Caitlin Atkinson

Creating Opportunities for Social + Environmental Connection

The campus is organized around a 5.5-acre central park and a series of outdoor rooms and amenity spaces that enrich the work experience by providing opportunities for gathering or taking a quiet stroll on meandering paths that weave through an immersive landscape, inspired by The Ramble in New York’s Central Park and the native landscapes of the Bay Area. The center of the campus is anchored by Traverse, a first-class amenity center, which includes a gym, restaurant, bar, and café that spills out on to a gracious deck framed by a sculptural pavilion that provides a range of different seating options. A large part of the parking demand is located below the park and the technically sophisticated on-structure landscape is seamlessly integrated with the buildings.


Inspired by cast glass vases and earth art, the Ribbon Wall unfolds in an organic rhythm that encloses and shelters a social hub that includes movable furniture and a bocce court set amongst a grove of Gingko trees. The wall is crafted from a series of white precast concrete units, which are composed to create a sinuous form that catches light and shadow in striking contrast with the surrounding landscape.

Image Credit: Caitlin Atkinson

As we adjust to a post-pandemic work environment, it’s important to recognize that one of the primary reasons people value in person work is the social connections that they build along the way. Now more than ever, workplaces need to provide a diversity of experiences that support the social dimension of creative and technical work.  We also know that short moments of respite and reflection can animate and enlighten the busiest day, and that workplace environments that incorporate natural systems can provide biophilic experiences that open our minds. By focusing on these two facets of human connection—to each other and to nature—we aspire to create landscapes that support everyday health and well-being.