Aquatic Park

San Francisco, CA

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Protecting a Historic Public Amenity for the 21st Century

Aquatic Park sits at the confluence of geography and history, the connection of city and federal lands, the juncture of National Park and civic uses, and, most importantly, the coming together of visitors and residents. The study area includes land from two national parks – Golden Gate National Recreation Area and San Francisco National Maritime Historical Park – as well as land under the jurisdiction of the City of San Francisco. Aquatic Park is the only San Francisco waterfront that was built for recreation – it is a place to observe and be immersed in the tides and currents, wind and marine life, and vistas spanning the Bay – the unique character reinforce our sense of place and activates our appreciation. With resilience-based strategies, CMG hopes to preserve the history and greenery of San Francisco’s last civic waterfront. The public is invited to imagine how Aquatic Park can be a place where families come, observe, and learn about tidal activity, marine life, sea level change, and marine ecology – a place where one of San Francisco’s busiest commercial districts meets and interacts with the Bay and two of our Nation’s great urban national parks.

The vision study demonstrates physical and programmatic possibilities generated by the public, that will be further refined and developed during future planning and design efforts as they are funded. The project will incorporate the results of other studies underway in the project area including: The Port of San Francisco Waterfront Resilience Program, together with the Port/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood Study; the SFMTA F-Line extension trackway alignment; the Van Ness corridor; and a National Park Service transportation study for Fort Mason. Image Credit: CMG Landscape Architecture + SWA Group

We believe that all San Francisco’s residents and visitors should have free access to the city’s water recreation and maritime history. Our mission is to raise awareness and funds to revitalize Aquatic Park and rebuild its iconic pier, enhance vital civic waterfront amenities, and ensure a secure and resilient future for the area.