East Wharf Park

San Francisco, CA

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A New Waterfront Promenade for The Public

Located between Pier 39 and Pier 35, East Wharf Park is situated at a unique point on San Francisco’s Embarcadero pedestrian promenade, where the historic pier bulkhead buildings give way to larger open space with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the North Bay and a lively marina. Between the waterfront promenade and the Embarcadero three new public amenity areas are linked from west to east: a destination play area, and bay-side urban ecology; a picnic area; and a community dog park. New water access areas are proposed at both the east and west plazas. These spaces will allow direct access to the bay and will enhance educational programs associated with the Aquarium of the Bay. The most significant improvements include elevating the experience of the promenade at the water’s edge. New connections and multiple points of access to the promenade create enhanced physical and visual connections to the Bay.

The concept creates a generous, continuous promenade with new uses such as outdoor classrooms, a native dune garden, play and picnic areas, floating wetlands, dog park, rain gardens, kinetic sculpture, and a performance space. Two new plaza spaces anchor the promenade and park design at the east and the west ends. A new large plaza at the west end, adjacent to the Aquarium of the Bay, will provide flexible open space for festivals and events. New water access areas are proposed at both the east and west plazas. These spaces could allow for direct physical access to the bay and educational programs associated with the aquarium. Additionally, water taxi and kayak launch can be provided.
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The Plan serves as a guide and provides criteria for future project sponsors to develop design and construction documents for the improvement of the public open space. CMG continually collaborated with BCDC and Port of San Francisco to arrive at the final concept plan.