McLaren Park Vision

San Francisco, CA

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A Co-Creation Process Brings Regional Open Space

This vision plan emphasizes and enhances the park’s core character of natural landscapes with winding trails and panoramic city views. The project celebrates the park’s unique terrain, analyzes opportunities to accommodate emerging recreation trends, recognizes the needs of immediate neighbors and local communities, and establishes an identity, all with an overlay of sustainable design. As the prime consultant leading the planning and engagement process, CMG’s goals were to envision and establish a basis for future fundraising, schematic and detailed design, and construction – paying particular attention to park entrances, areas of interest, the connectivity of pathways, trails, and roadways, and to consider alternative uses for the Gleneagles Golf Course inside the park.

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Extensive public outreach by CMG and consultants informed the improvement plan based on the current needs of the immediate neighbors and surrounding communities and to accommodate the thousands of new housing units planned for this Southeast quadrant of San Francisco. Working with the Recreation and Park Department, the design team collaborated with community organizations and park advocates to craft a vision that embraces the diversity of the surrounding communities and realizing the parks potential as a citywide and regional open space.
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The vision plan is a part of the capital improvement program funded by the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. The objectives of the bond include fixing and improving parks citywide, eliminating serious earthquake safety risks in neighborhood and waterfront park facilities, renovating parks, playground, recreation centers, and clubhouses that are in poor condition, repairing nature trail systems in the city’s parks, and attracting matching community and philanthropic support.