Moscone Center

San Francisco, CA

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Image Credit: Matthew Millman

A Neighborhood Brought Together Through Civic Space

The improvements to the public realm are a result of an intensive community process that honors the originally constructed convention center landmark in the 1990s. The new 305,000 square foot complex spans two city blocks, requiring careful coordination with architects and engineers. The design creates social opportunities via plazas and playgrounds, improves connection to the neighborhood through paseos and pathways, and activates street life with streetscape upgrades. Providing elements of comfort within the rich experience, the project draws more people to stop and linger at the convention center which in turn activates the spaces and benefit the community.

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From streetscapes to a paseo and plazas to a park bridge, Moscone Center is comprised of dynamic new social spaces, each with different goals and criteria. CMG collaborated with Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy and Yerba Buena Community Benefit District to seamlessly connect The Children’s Garden with the Yerba Buena Gardens and Children’s Creativity Museum. Lined with trees and flexible seating, the LeRoy King Carousel Plaza invites spontaneous and organized performances, lounging on the amphitheater steps, and leisure people watching. The new Park Bridge, connecting Moscone North and South across two street blocks, is home to a cacti and aloe garden. Image Credit: Bruce Damonte

The two-block convention complex is the center of a redevelopment area that boasts the city’s highest concentration of cultural institutions such as SFMOMA, Yerba Buena Gardens, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Children’s Creativity Museum, and Museum of the African Diaspora. Attracting attendees from across the country, the Moscone Center is major economic driver for the local community and surrounding businesses.