University of California San Diego Triton Center

La Jolla, CA

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Providing Accessibility + Inclusivity at a Campus Core

This cosmopolitan, pedestrian environment is both a destination and a crossroads. Envisioned as a universally accessible and welcoming place, designed spaces invite a diversity of visitors and celebrate the university’s global community. The public realm is enduring, built with materials that wear well with use–especially in moments where people directly interact with elements and in high-traffic areas. The district is contemporary and modern, celebrating the best of UC San Diego’s history and culture while highlighting the natural beauty of the place and Southern California. As a democratic public space, it provides a platform for protest, celebration and campus civic life. The space accommodates both planned and spontaneous events. Shared use of this campus center encourages connection, empathy and cross-pollination of ideas–striving to build campus community and set the stage for memorable academic experiences.

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Triton Center offers a mix of campus spaces - Gilman Frontage, Triton Plaza, Rupertus Walk, West Quad Entry and Music Walk. These landscapes add up to create an imageable campus entrance that is simultaneously functional, social and ecological. The design for the Pavilion imagines an environment that cultivates curiosity through interaction, inclusive access through connected mobility and social activity through material clarity.
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The project builds on UCSD’s planning work to establish an integrated approach to mobility and public realm improvements. Working with the University to address a broad range of community perspectives, CMG is centering the goals of campus open space vibrancy and improved pedestrian streetlife in reshaping the site.