UC San Diego Triton Pavilion

San Diego, CA

A unique campus open space that actively engages in place making while fostering connections between UCSD's community and the broader environment.

Triton Pavilion at the University of California San Diego creates a new iconic gateway with a unique identity while also integrating into the overall campus landscape framework. The 10-acre site will be a vibrant and dense urban core at the nucleus of UCSD’s campus. The mixed-use – living, learning, and play – pedestrian environment will be both a destination and a crossroads. Envisioned to be a universally accessible and welcoming place for everyone, inviting spaces will serve a diverse range of visitors and reflect the university as global campus. The public realm will be enduring – built with materials that wear well with use and get better with age, especially in moments where people directly interact with elements and in high traffic areas. Creating opportunities for people to connect to each other and to nature are all primary project ambitions. The district will be contemporary and modern, celebrating the best of UC San Diego’s history and culture while also highlighting the natural beauty of place. As a democratic public space, it provides a platform for protest, celebration, and campus civic life. Both spontaneous and planned events can be accommodated within the public realm. Interaction between various users allows for sharing of ideas and resources in a variety of places while visual and physical connections help to foster relationships and exchanges.