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Building Upon a Legacy for The Next 20 Years

With over 1 million visitors per year, Crissy Field is loved by a wide range of visitors: families, walkers, runners, cyclists, students, beachgoers, and board sailors. The park’s popularity inspired the Parks Conservancy and the National Park Service to continually refine its resiliency. We’re proud to be collaborating with them on a vision for the next 20 years of success. The public engagement analysis informed a strategic project framework: enhance the distinct cultural and ecological landscape identities, increase interpretation and understanding of the cultural and natural history, enhance programming for diverse visitors, balance management costs with value, and improve circulation and access. These tools also helped identify specific areas that can be improved on to welcome more under-served Bay Area communities.

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Future project initiatives include new visions for a Mason Street bike promenade called “the best bike ride in San Francisco,” permanent and rotating programs and events on the airfield, an expanded tidal marsh adapted to 3 feet of sea level rise, and parking improvements. Next steps include public information gathering and sharing, an environmental impact review process, and implementation.

CMG has been a partner with the Presidio Trust and Golden Gate National Park Conservancy at the Presidio and Crissy Field since 2000. CMG’s ongoing work with these adjacent open spaces has focused on site restoration reflective of historic and adaptive use to enhance recreation, identity, and sense of arrival alongside sensitive ecological functioning and critical wildlife habitat.