Daggett Park

San Francisco, CA

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Image Credit: Bruce Damonte

Serving Local Community Through Open Space

The project is a result of many years of advocacy and collaboration by the community, public agencies, and a private developer to transform a former street right-of-way into a series of vibrant community spaces. The design process involved significant community engagement to develop the programming for three major park components: a large lawn for general recreation and gathering; a fenced-off dog park; and two features, the Tilted Lawn Sculpture, and the Penta-Step, which double as play and sitting areas. Additional open space on the site includes a landscaped, public mid-block passageway with stormwater treatment gardens; two podium-level interior courtyards which serve individual residential units as well as a visual purpose for the floors above; succulent garden patios on the roof; an olive grove adjacent to a storefront; active streetscape on three sides; and a one-way shared public way which creates a pedestrian-oriented environment while allowing vehicle access.

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Three elements of the park are an exploration of white concrete; the Tilted Lawn Sculpture is cast-in-place concrete, the Penta Steps are multiples sizes of precast concrete, and the Dog Run walls are shotcrete. The Titled Lawn element anchors the corner of the park with its fluid poured-in-place concrete form. The sculpture creates space for soaking up sun or watching a community event on the sloped lawn. The Penta-Step, located in the center of the park, is inspired by the sense of discovery found in natural landscapes. It is made up of hundreds of precast units of varying heights to create one cohesive sculpture for sitting and playing – a dozen stone units are hidden in the sculpture waiting to be discovered. The curving dog park walls create a beautiful enclosure to the dog park. At night, dozens of mini amble lights sparkle on the wall inside the dog park. While these three sculptural elements are made up of a similar white concrete material, all three together celebrate different concrete construction methods. Image Credit: Bruce Damonte

CMG negotiated the multi-agency process, including transferring the former right-of-way which required the city lifting the State Public Trust from Daggett Street. This high degree of cooperation between several agencies, led to the successful public-private process and identified the necessary funding to transform the street into an open space amenity for a new neighborhood.