855 Brannan

San Francisco, CA

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Image Credit: Bruce Damonte

A New Public-Private Open Space

This ambitious project includes three residential and retail buildings, complemented by public open space and streetscape improvements, including living streets, public plazas, and a garden, to make the large parcel porous and public. 855 Brannan is a series of programmatic pieces, each with a character and identity that fit together on the site in a range of programs. A Market Mews can host farmers’ markets throughout the year, a publicly accessible courtyard contains a grove of coast redwoods alongside outdoor Town Hall and Fitness Decks that serve as amenities for residents and a Garden Mews provides terraced rain gardens and porches for family units.

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At the core of the project, the Redwood Grove is a large inviting public courtyard containing a grove of Coast Redwoods, ferns and drought-tolerant plants that provides a serene, forested sanctuary within the urban fabric in addition to a slice of the great coastal California forests for residents and nearby workers to enjoy. An outdoor kitchen on the rooftop deck is covered by a trellis structure and protected from the winds by a bird safe UV pattern windscreen for a unique yet comfortable dining setting. The translucent trellis is constructed of aluminum purlins and 3Form acrylic inserts. Inspired by the brilliant west coast sunsets, the color and pattern of the trellis panels create a dynamic space with an interplay of light and shadow. Image Credit: Bruce Damonte
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Image Credit: Bruce Damonte

855 Brannan upholds its dedication to modern living, specifically its commitment to sustainability. Recently awarded LEED Platinum, the project seamlessly integrates a variety of stormwater control strategies into its flexible urban use programs and rich garden landscapes. Full of rich, native planting mix of woody shrubs, flowering perennials, grasses, and ferns, the Redwood Grove’s outer planters serve to capture stormwater and separate the micro-forest from the housing buildings.