Hunters Point

San Francisco, CA

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Image Credit: Lennar

Building An Open Space Neighborhood Amenity

The site design strategy for Hunters Point provides a network of open spaces that are scaled for various sized groups and activities, including micro parks and pocket parks as neighborhood amenities. The project was designed collaboratively with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, community groups, and partnering landscape architecture firms. Hillpoint Park is the primary Hunters Point public park; it is the promontory overlook to the shipyard waterfront open space system with a large, gently sloping lawn that creates an amphitheater-like environment to enjoy the views. It is both a regional open space destination and neighborhood park with sweeping vistas of the waterfront.

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CMG designed many custom and high-quality features into the public park to ensure that it will endure for future generations. Native plantings embrace the park and restore native habitat, and several significant art installations are integrated within the park spaces to tell the story of the shipyard and community history. A path sets up rooms that include a picnic area, flexible lawn area, fenced children’s play area, and ornamental gardens. Artistic play structures are interpretations of the nearby monumental shipyard structures and ships themselves. Image Credit: Lennar

Once a naval shipyard, Hunters Point is a visionary mixed-use development with a bold vision for a new San Francisco neighborhood of walkable residential neighborhoods, retail, creative workspaces, and acres of open space.