Yerba Buena Community Design

San Francisco, CA

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Image Credit (right): Julio Duffoo

Built Community Improvements Across a Downtown District

Through surveys, public meetings, community input, charrettes, and a long-term needs assessment, CMG articulated community principals and improvement projects across the district, several of which have been implemented, including Parkmobiles, the SPUR Bench, Annie Alley, Moscone Center Expansion, as well as sidewalk benches and bike racks throughout the evolving neighborhood. Parkmobiles are a response to Yerba Buena residents’ desire for greener on their streets and are an identifying trait of the district. Outside the SPUR Center, where there was only a blank facade before, now there is a public amenity that has effectively facilitated street life. CMG designed many forms of a potential bike rack, including ones that attach to parking meters to reduce clutter. The bike racks and benches designed by CMG are part of a desire for a more unified neighborhood identity and approach the urban environment in a consistent way.

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Image by Paula Poortinga

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The Parkmobile program deploys several of these distinct gardens into the Yerba Buena District and relocates them frequently, covering the district with charming focal points. These projects were conducted with the goal of implementing a multitude of small initiatives with the binding cause of nurturing public, urban life in the remnant open spaces amongst the hard landscapes of this district.