Alameda Point | Precise Plan

Alameda, CA

Re-envisioning the decommissioned Alameda Naval Air Station as a regional destination neighborhood, where visitors flock to industrial Bay views and stay captivated in the medley of waterfront parks.

This proposal reimagines the future town square and waterfront surrounding Alameda’s Seaplane Lagoon. The design capitalizes on the lagoon’s three distinct edges. As individual waterfront parks as well as a continuous promenade, the range of character milieu from the Marina and Alameda Point Park to  De-Pave Park activate a diverse waterfront.

Marina Plaza is the most active in the network. As an invitation to area, the plaza is a flexible space with dramatic views, supporting markets, outdoor cafes, and retail. An adaptable sea wall structures the water edge, and provides a flexible, long term strategy for sea level rise.

Alameda Point Park holds the northern edge of Seaplane Lagoon as a substantial waterfront park and regional destination. At the center of the park is a large event amphitheater with floating stage. Existing seaplane ramps become public water access and the trellis connects existing hangars to the water. Gracious pedestrian and bicycle promenade weaves through a series of recreation and picnic lawns, native gardens, plazas, and piers. Sea level strategy employs bermed landforms and immersive landscapes intended to transition into tidal wetlands.

The western edge of the lagoon, adjacent to a planned Nature Reserve, is an ecologically-rich constructed habitat park created by wholesale removal of an asphalt lot. De-Pave Park situates picnic, camping and interpretive areas within a large-scale sustainable landscape. Floating wetlands allow non-motorized boats into this new habitat area. Sea level rise strategies for this park area bring an immersive experience to successional tidal ecology.