Facebook | Bayfront Campus

Menlo Park, CA

Adjacent to Classic Campus and across the Expressway, Facebook’s 80-acre Bayfront Campus has evolved iteratively over the last seven years. Working in close collaboration with Gehry Partners, CMG Landscape Architecture has led a range of ecologists, engineers, arborists, and soil scientists to remediate, repurpose, and re-envision the site. A series of unfolding frameworks guide the landscape design, creating a continuity that ebbs across individual projects and ties diverse spaces and experiences together.

Programming reflects mobility, flexibility, and social interactions that define contemporary workplaces and highlight the importance of culture and place of business. The development of the campus will ultimately convert a largely impervious and sterile site into a network of civic spaces and landscapes that increase community connectivity, provide public access, and create habitat. Focused on restoring a brownfield site to a resilient landscape, the design merges the functional needs of the workplace culture with habitat created by the establishment of natural systems.