McLaren Park | Vision Plan

San Francisco, CA

The McLaren Park Vision Plan emphasizes and enhances the park’s core character of natural landscapes with winding trails and panoramic city views.

The 313-acre McLaren Park is San Francisco’s second largest park and well-loved by its neighbors. Over the years, a combination of deferred maintenance challenges, previous decades’ incomplete design ideas, and an inconsistent boundary with its adjacent neighborhoods created a park without a cohesive identity or sense of place. A visioning process for improvements to the park was undertaken to ensure the park will remain a signature San Francisco park for the next century.

The vision plan for the park is flexible enough for a successful future by supporting the park’s natural areas, celebrating the park’s unique terrain, analyzing opportunities to accommodate emerging recreation trends, recognizing the needs of immediate neighbors and local communities, and establishing an identity, all with an overlay of sustainable design.

As the prime consultant leading the McLaren Park Vision Plan, CMG’s goals were: to envision and establish a basis for future fundraising, schematic and detailed design, and construction paying particular attention to park entrances, areas of interest, the connectivity of pathways, trails, and roadways, and to consider alternative uses for the Gleneagles Golf Course inside the park.  Extensive public outreach by CMG and consultants informed the improvement plan based on the current needs of the immediate neighbors and surrounding communities and to accommodate the thousands of new housing units planned for this Southeast quadrant of San Francisco.