Daggett Park

San Francisco, CA

CMG has designed a public park, active streetscapes, and podium level interior gardens for the new mixed-use residential site.

Daggett Park, once a brownfield site in the Dogpatch Neighborhood, has been transformed into a mixed-use residential site with ground floor retail and PDR spaces (production, distribution, and repair), and a new 1-acre neighborhood park. The park is located on an existing right of way through the site that the City acquired from the Port Authority. Other open spaces on the site, in additional to the park, include a public mid-block passageway, an olive grove garden.

CMG was contracted to design the park, a corner garden, 3 streetscapes, and podium level interior gardens for the buildings. Stormwater management is incorporated into the park and streetscape designs. A Shared Public Way, a new streetscape typology that CMG designed for Treasure Island, creates a curbless thoroughfare and plaza near the retail space to allow vehicular access yet prioritize pedestrians.

The park design process involved significant community engagement to develop the programming for three major park components: a dog park, a lawn for events and recreation, and two play sculptures: the Tilted Lawn and the Penta-Step. The park design also provides opportunities for farmer’s market-type events. CMG partnered with the Arts Commission to lead a process with a local artist to design a landmark sculptural feature for the park.