SF Waterfront Resilience Program

San Francisco, CA

Rebuilding the historic urban waterfront of San Francisco to be safe from earthquakes and sea level rise, and enhancing the public realm experience. CMG is leading the urban design team.

CMG is part of a team developing plans to remake the Embarcadero in response to two very different threats, the danger of earthquakes and the likelihood of sea level rise. The Seawall is the foundation of over three miles of San Francisco waterfront stretching from Fisherman’s Wharf to Mission Creek, and supports historic piers, wharves and buildings as well as stabilizes filled lands containing critical City infrastructure and protects Bayfront neighborhoods from coastal flooding.

This project will improve safety, reduce damage, and enhance the environment by repairing, altering, or replacing the Seawall and associated infrastructure. It will provide the foundation and connected vision to further develop people-scaled enhancements while building prioritized and resilient infrastructure upgrades. The goal is to enable San Francisco’s waterfront to continue to be one of the most vibrant and viable urban landscapes in the world.