Scott CataffaPLA


Through his career, Scott has led design and management on a range of project types from planning and site design to cultural landscape research and preservation. He comes to landscape architecture with prior professional experience as a public art administrator and open space advocate. He brings his experience with community-based design processes to his current design and planning work, and sees design as a way to engage communities and build consensus. He is a deft facilitator who steers the design vision while navigating the complexities of sometimes contentious interests. He approaches site design and planning with an emphasis on social and ecological connectivity and a passion for understanding place through the lens of its past and present culture, and values the role art plays in enlivening public space.
  • Master of Landscape Architecture;  University of California, Berkeley
  • Institute of Architecture ILAUD (International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design);  University of Venice
  • Bachelor of Arts;  Kent State University