ASLA 2022 Conference on Landscape Architecture Highlights: Climate Action, Waterfront Resilience, and Low-Carbon Design

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Facebook/Meta Headquarters: A Decade of Design, Construction, and Care

The Facebook/Meta Headquarters tour kicked off the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture. The project team Rayna Deniord, Lisa Daye, Jason Rowe, Jamie Yousten, and Chris Guillard led the field session with our partners at Meta, SBCA Tree Consulting, and Jensen Landscape and explored the complex mosaic of social spaces, ecology, and infrastructure of the past 10 years.

Image Credit: Jamie Yousten, CMG

Urban Wild in Transition: How a Landfill Became a Community Treasure

CMG Associate Julia Price is a volunteer with Love the Bulb, a community-based non-profit organization at the Albany Bulb, where she helps lead efforts to test and cultivate educational and stewardship activities. This field session at Albany Bulb with WRT and Love the Bulb delved into the beloved public landscape’s unique beauty, challenges and the role designers can play in the evolution of similar urban wilds.

Image Credit: WRT

Chinatown & North Beach: The Revival of Two Communities through Government Public Spaces

San Francisco’s Chinatown and North Beach neighborhoods have transformed over the past 20 years through strategic investment in public parks. Cara Ruppert (San Francisco Recreation and Park), Willett Moss (CMG), and Scott Davis (Jensen Architects) showcased the creative urban park Willie “Woo Woo” Wong Playground that focuses on the multi-generational design and cultural inclusion.

Carbon in the Built Environment: Strategies for Low-carbon Design at Each Phase

CMG Associate Lauren Bergenholtz joined Sasaki, Wintergreen Landscape Studio, and Atelier Ten to discuss the landscape designer’s responsibility for the climate impacts of projects, from neighborhood to garden scales.

Inside the LA Studio: CMG Landscape Architecture

Kate Lenahan, Mwinyi Faida El-Kindiy, Rayna DeNiord, and Willett Moss shared about our culture, work, and their personal experiences with landscape in a special session Inside the Studio: CMG. Thank you to SITELAB’s Laura Crescimano for moderating this inside look at CMG.

Image Credit: Ramon Solis, CMG

San Francisco Waterfront Transformation

Principals Kevin Conger and Pamela Conrad with James Corner Field Operations and GGN talked about the history of the San Francisco Waterfront and how it will be transformed into a world-class park and open space that will benefit the community and nature.


ASLA Climate Action Plan: A Vision for 2040

The ASLA Climate Task Force, chaired by CMG Principal Pamela Conrad, presented the Climate Action Plan that outlines a bold vision for 2040 and a set of 71 actions to be taken by 2025. The ambitious plan seeks to transform the practice of landscape architecture by 2040 through actions taken by ASLA and its members focused on climate mitigation and adaptation, ecological restoration, biodiversity, equity, and economic development. The Plan was developed by the high-profile Task Force including Diane Jones Allen, José M. Almiñana, Sarah Fitzgerald, and Vaughn Rinner, and a 16-member advisory team.

Read more about the Climate Action Plan.

Image Credit: Ramon Solis, CMG

Women in Landscape Architecture Walk

Principal Jamie Phillips and Senior Associate Lisa Daye joined the Women in Landscape Architecture (WILA) and ASLA Northern California Chapter for a special WILA Walk about the new urban spaces, streetscapes, public art, architecture, and master plans of East Cut neighborhood and Yerba Buena District of SOMA. Jamie and Lisa shared about their planning and design approach to the Yerba Buena Streetlife Plan, Moscone Center Expansion, and Folsom Streetscape Improvements and Under Ramp Park.


Image Credit: Korey Davis Photography


Image Credit: Andrea Gaffney Photography


Image Credit: Andrea Gaffney Photography


Image Credit: Andrea Gaffney Photography


Image Credit: Andrea Gaffney Photography


Image Credit: Andrea Gaffney Photography

Walking Mission Bay: Open Space Resilience Along the Reimagined Southeastern Waterfront

Mission Bay is one of San Francisco’s emerging neighborhoods and is greatly defined by its waterfront context. Projects along the southeastern waterfront like CMG’s Mission Creek Stormwater Park, shown in the photo below, cultivate community connections, provide recreational amenities, connect to existing multimodal trails, and integrate a range of innovative resiliency approaches.