St. James Park

San Jose, CA

Remember | Imagine

Urban parks are for urban people that are diverse in both demographics and interests. Just as there is not only one type of urban person, there is not one type of park that will satisfy all. Yet all interests can be held together, unified by a structure or framework, that supports urban life. St. James Park can be a park that accommodates and supports a wide variety of interests and activities, a park that unifies the future with the past, a world class park at the center of a region positioning itself for the future, and a neighborhood transforming itself in the present.

REMEMBER | IMAGINE is a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate St. James Park in honor of its 150th anniversary and to reassert the function and value of this central open space in the St. James District. Rehabilitation of St. James Park must be pursued with an attitude that enables open space goals– cohesive yet differentiated, undivided yet accessible, situated within an urban context yet separated from it – it wants to once again be the place to see and be seen in San Jose.

REMEMBER | IMAGINE maintains and enhances the unique historic aspects of the park and re-organizes the now largely undefined central open space into outdoor rooms with distinct character, including the Levitt Pavilion. Bridging the past with the future is the Park Paseo, a generous path that unites existing and future monuments and activities, and where neighbors can take their evening strolls.

REMEMBER | IMAGINE re-brands St. James Park and creates an open space that becomes the center point and valued living room in this multi-cultural community within the constellation of city districts from SOFA to San Pedro Square. No opportunity should be missed to celebrate the milestone achievement of the St. James Park’s 150 years and the collective commitment to see it last another 150 years.